Sunday, November 18, 2012


I've tried so many way to win your heart but I don't know what is wrong with it. Sometime I remember but sometime I forget that I just wasting so much time with this things. I don't know how to express it and yet I was fooling myself waiting for you with no reason. I'm not the one who are easily falling in love but when I start to love, I'll make sure that no one could replace you in my heart and now everything change and I'm afraid that I'll no longer be with you and your heart.

I've listened to what you said, I heard your problems and sometime I lend my solutions to it, I'll try to make you smile whenever you are upset, I be besides you whenever you're in need, i weep out you tears coz it's prices for me, and I'll keep texting  you even-though I'm tired. These are all the things that I've done just to make you happy and smile. I love when you lough coz you are adorable, I love to hear your voice coz it's kind of music for me and I love when you talk coz It remind me the day when I fall in love with you. Now, everything mean nothing and I feel alone without someone accompany me while going to get sleep, while eating even while I'm exhausted for morally supports.