Friday, December 21, 2012


LOVE is something subjective to be saying. it's either we are not exactly understand it or we are just to immature to understand it. When talking about love. I rather not to mention any girl in my life instead of mentioning my family, close friend, as well as the people who I really care. I do falling in love before, and I know how hurt is when someone we love so much are using me for their own benefit. I learn myself not to fall on that game anymore and I talk to myself to be more careful when declaring my heart to someone so that I won't get hurt over and over again. Love for me now is messy, unsanitary and yucks!. It's ruining my life, my sleep time, and my good feeling.
Sometime, my heart keep questioning me for having a girl in my life. I pretend not to hear it, but deep down inside, I really care about it. I've try to lay my heart on someone, I've try to keep close with her, I've try make her happy, I've try to give my heart to her, but it seem like useless, I can't even lie to myself for loving her just by words, by saying, neither by listening.
I don't really know how to express it coz I know when I say something unexpectedly, surely it would hurt her. On the other hand, I won't lying myself just to impress her with sort of fakes and untruth story.