Thursday, July 5, 2012


My thought is my word and it's come from my heart through my mind and split it away through my verbal act. Yes, sometime it is not true at all but sometime it is very prices till no one is afford to get it. This is my 2nd English entrĂ©e right after Ramadhan thingy things previously. Human have a different perspective, opinion, desire to choose and so much more. We can't forcing them to agree with us, but we can convince them to trust on that matter. We can't pushing them to admit our thought, but we can really show them a good and nice words. We can't simply knock them out to fulfil our needs, but we can lead them toward brighter tomorrow. These are all the circumstances that we had facing or might be facing probably sooner or later. Articulation while spoken is not a virus or epidermic in our life, but it's a gifted from the creator. We should feel thanks and feel great on that purposes without condemning it. Nowadays, most of peeps out there keep condemning it by quotes, it just waste of time talking like an empty vessel without any result gaining from it. Sometime, when We as the person who are very anxiously and extremely put the communication as the apex source of our life quality heard bout that comments, it automatically bring us down by narrowing it onto the cons site. I can't imagine how difficult to handle those circumstances when everyone keep quoting the similar words again and again. Upset, down, tens, and hurt is the normal sense that we should have to face it. It's not easy to convince peoples to trust on what we are doing, it's not really ease to make people believe on what we are saying, and it's not easy to prove to peoples that there will be a good outcomes producing from certain work that we are doing, but it simple as counting 1,2,3, for people to libel other people bout our credibility, bout our thought, bout what we are doing, and so on. These are the miracle act about human beings. This act is not an element to be continuously being learned, but it should be avoided from being spread to any other living things. No one will be able to control those things from being happening instead of ourself. ALLAH s.w.t. has brought hidden wisdom despite all the things that had happened. We should accept it as a gifted from our creator without practically condemning it. So what ever had happened take it as a lesson that should be learned, and what will going to happen, take it as a thing that need to be improved for a future references. No one is born in this world with a extensive adequacy, but as human being we need to find the way on how to make our life completely different and appear good in front of others. That is how we treat our life better. 

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